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With the fast - paced breakthroughs in technology, our services and products are constantly evolving. But one thing remains the same -- our belief in simple, elegant turn-key solutions.

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Mindgate has not only helped launch hundreds of successful websites and web-based business systems but our full-featured and flexible solutions continue to work for and answer the needs of websites as they grow and evolve.

With the fast-paced breakthroughs in technology, our services and products are constantly evolving. But one thing remains the same -- our belief in simple, elegant turn-key solutions.

Mindgate Systems, Inc. assists small and large companies realize their potential through Web technology.

Mindgate has been in the Internet industry since 1996. Our expertise have been honed and tested by years of hands-on experience. In the last few years, we have expanded to specialize and focus in delivering practical and turn-key web and mobile solutions that :

  • breakdown barriers of communication and distance to bring companies closer to their clients.
  • increase efficiency in operations by improving information management and delivery
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Planning, designing and maintaining a good website is no simple task for most people. It can be creatively challenging, technically daunting, and sometimes expensive.

Webready is your complete hassle free and affordable website solution for an eye catching and effective website. Webready cuts through the techno mumbo jumbo.

Everything you need in one simple package
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Having an eye-catching website is just the beginning. You must ensure that prospective visitors will be able to visit your site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Likewise, do not content yourself simply with reliability. You must address the need for speed, for a customer will not waste precious minutes waiting for your web pages to appear on their browsers.
And for the final touch – performance reports. Knowing how your site is performing is just as important as all the other factors. How many visitors have viewed your site? What made them stay and come back?
Then there is the issue of site promotion. For what good is a fast and reliable site if no one knows it exists? This is where search engine optimization and site promotion comes in: to enable search engines to quickly find your website and give make it visible to the world.
This is precisely the kind of hosting service
you will get from Mindgate.
Reliability and Speed
(Tier 1 Internet Connection )
Site Performance / Hosting Report
Site Promotion
We guarantee 99% uptime and fast site download. All our server are hosted in a Level-1 network in the U.S.
Average number of visitors/day
Busiest hour and Peak day of the site
Most and least popular page
Plus much more…
Meta Tags and Search Engines Submissions
We make sure your site can easily be found by search engines by imbedding meta tags/keyword. Plus, we also submitting your site for listing to major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc.
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Easy-to-use, access anywhere- Webmail allows you to check your office email from home or on the road using any standard web browser (e.g. Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer). This is the perfect solution for people who travel or work away from the office.
Password Protected
Extra security such as an IP-lock
(only specific computers can access your email.)
Firewall Protected Server
24/7 Network Monitoring
Connectivity through Multiple Tier-1
Backbone Providers
Firewall Protection
Multi-Layer Security Infrastructure (Hacker-safe Certified)
UPS Power Back-Up/Back-Up Generator
Unlimited Email Forwarding
Create / delete and manage new email boxes
List active mailboxes plus their sizes
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Company Headquarters
Rm 703 OMM-CITRA Bldg.,
San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Centre,
Pasig City 1600 Philippines

Office Hours
9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Mondays to Fridays

Department Telephone Number
General Inquiry / Sales / Customer Service
[+632] 637.22.57

Tech Support
[+632] 635.37.52

Accounting / Billing
[+632] 638.38.26
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